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"Same old carnival" is a Pop track that transports you straight into the heart of an old timey circus on the verge of collapse. 

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Step into The Color Pink's world, guided by Mikey Iansito's authentic artistry. Rooted in family melodies and his grandfather's operatic tunes, this musical journey found its heart in the basement—a sanctuary where piano keys, the aroma of food, and a drum set became a canvas for self-expression. From this personal sanctuary, The Color Pink emerged, giving life to the debut album "Mazes."

Mikey's next single 'Same Old Carnival,' is a rich sonic story weaving together thumping drums, ethereal synths, and deep melodic vocals. Listeners will be transported via a cross between Stevie Wonder and Japanese City Pop, and straight into the heart of a vibrant carnival. It’s more than just a song — it's a narrative journey of a clown witnessing the bittersweet end of the world he knows. Beyond the surface, it subtly critiques the disillusionment inherent in American culture, mirroring the carnival's demise with societal dissolution.

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