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"Little Animals" is a progressive party anthem. Heavy hitting disco drums supply this song with a catchy beat and an all too familiar synthesizer patch provides a nostalgic, bouncy backing. The old and the new come together with satirical lyrics poking fun at todays over the top sex culture with an accompanying sexy “retro” themed music video.

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Welcome to The Color Pink's captivating world, guided by the authentic artistry of Mikey Iansito. Growing up with his Italian grandparents, Mikey's love for music flourished amidst grandpa's opera singing and grandma's culinary delights. In the basement, little Mikey found solace, picking out melodies on the house piano, setting the foundation for his musical journey.

Despite possessing innate talents, Mikey grappled with self-doubt, preventing him from sharing his gifts. However, driven by an enduring love for music, he gradually found the courage to create. This path led to the birth of The Color Pink and its debut debut album "Mazes". A blend of surreal lyrics, dreamy keys, and funky rhythms — as well as a heartfelt expression of authenticity and creativity.

Embrace The Color Pink's curated aesthetic, interweaving jazz, rock, and imaginative melodies into a captivating soundscape. Mikey's genuine passion shines through as a masterful singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Join us on this musical journey, where satire meets profound storytelling, inviting you to explore a world of heartfelt artistry and genuine expression.

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